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The Black Rose
The Black Rose

The Black Rose

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We got tired of seeing all of these big, bulky and boring magnetic rangefinder straps so we decided to make our own. Our straps fit 99.9% of rangefinders, look sick and stays on no matter what! 

  • Stronger: Our straps are built with N52 magnets which means they'll NEVER fall off. These are the strongest magnets you can buy. We want you to focus on going low, not worrying about if your rangefinder will fall off the cart as you go over a bump.
  • Smaller: Our straps are designed to be 70% smaller than the leading straps on the market today. This means no buttons will be covered and it won’t get in the way.
  • Swaggier: Each strap is designed with a sick pattern, design or colorway that you won’t find out on the course today.


  • Faceplate: White
  • Strap: Pink
  • Logo: Black

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